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Test your will power and commit to doing a because I said I would challenge event. Our challenge events are a fun and unique way to push yourself while fundraising for our cause! 

The Century Walk is one of our current featured challenges which pushes people to commit to walking 100 miles in a set period of time. We encourage everyone to work hard but to take things at your own pace. Suggested time frames are as follows: Advanced: 100 miles in 3 days, Intermediate: 100 miles in 5-6 days, Beginner: 100 miles in 7 + days. Alternatively you could consider turning the challenge into a relay event. Find other commited people to commit to doing a 100 mile relay in one day oppsed to the 100 mile walk alone! Please remember to be prepared when taking on a challenge such as this. Important things to remember include staying hydrated, having a first aid kit and a plan for an emergency. Safety is always important and should be considered when planning your walk.

As you work on this challenge, fundraise on behalf of because I said I would and show your commitment to the challenge and our cause. Any physical feat no matter how small or large is a promise you have made to yourself to take on. Ask your family, friends and supporters to show their support for you by donating to because I said I would. Simply create a personal fundraising page that will allow friends and family to make a donation. You can personalize your page with your own message and pictures and share it with those you love. Every dollar you raise through your page furthers because I said I would’s charitable impact. Believe in the importance of a promise like we do. Believe in humanity enough to fundraise today. Every commitment counts.  



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