Donate to because I said I would.

Your support allows us to continue our efforts to better humanity through character education, awareness campaigns, and volunteerism in communities.  Donations help fund the mailing of promise cards to anyone in the world, inspiring people to make and keep their promises. So far we have distributed over 4.47 million promise cards to over 153 different countries. Donations also allow us to create impactful videos that help raise awareness for important causes such as water safety, drinking and driving prevention as well as many other issues.

Your support will also allow us to develop and provide fundamental lesson plans for teachers to use in classrooms around the world. By supporting our character education effort you are helping us shape and change our next generation by teaching them the value and importance of a promise.  Some of the world’s greatest problems could be solved if society had a greater sense of commitment.

Funding also allows us to expand our chapter program to different cities around the globe allowing us to promote volunteerism in communities. The Echo Program is the future of because I said I would and will increase measureable, charitable impact and better the lives of residents within the communities we serve. They will allow members to make and keep unified promises, improved the practice of keeping their own promises and will provide a support group to help one another with their struggles. 

Belive in the importance of a promise like we do. Believe in humanity enough to donate today. Every commitment counts. 

Because I said I would is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.