Donate to the Tampa Echo Chapter

The Echo Chapter Program is the future of because I said I would. Social Media has had an incredible impact on our ability to spread our message and raise awareness of the importance of a promise, but Echoes are the way we can gain traction in local communities through inspirational and effective charitable efforts. The program requires staff, supplies, equipment and resources. In order to start this worldwide endeavor we have raised over $100,000, and in order to sustain it, we need to now turn to you. You built this movement and helped us become what we are today.

Our followers have asked for local chapters…and standing up the Echo Program has been worth the challenge, sacrifice and commitment. If you believe in this like we do, now is the time to give, to sacrifice just a little, so we can send an echo throughout this world. With each chapter we start, we will plant a seed of hope that we can improve the world around us. But in order to do that, it will take the dedication of many. We need your help to find the people who change this world for the better, to organize them, to enable them and in turn enable yourself. Help support the Tampa area Echo chapter by donating today. 

 Believe in the importance of a promise like we do. Believe in humanity enough to donate today. Every commitment counts.

Because I said I would is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.