Donate to the Chapter Program

The Chapter Program is the future of because I said I would. Social Media has had an incredible impact on our ability to spread our message and raise awareness of the importance of a promise, but our local Chapters are the way we can gain traction in local communities through inspirational and effective charitable efforts. 

Because I said I would Chapters are a force for good in our local communities. Our members hold a meeting each month to plan unified charitable promises, act as an accountability support group for individual promises and to learn new and interesting ways to get better with commitment. After planning our unified charitable promises, we execute these projects in a separate gathering every month or every two months.With 6 active Chapters in Cleveland, Akron, Long Island, Denver, and Columbus, your support will allow us to continue funding our Chapter program. 

 Believe in the importance of a promise like we do. Believe in humanity enough to donate today. Every commitment counts.

Because I said I would is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.